7 Fast Food Chain Restaurants Doing Vegan the Right Way

The biggest challenge that comes with following a vegan diet is finding spots that serve ‘legit’ vegan food—i.e. dishes that aren’t just salads. Even with a menu, vegan-friendly options can be very limited.

Well, someone’s loss is someone else’s gain…

All thanks to growing awareness and customer demands, top fast food chain restaurants around the world are picking up the slack and are now equipped with vegan menus that are both delightful and delicious.

In this article we’ve listed 7 of the most popular ones that are doing vegan the right away. Let’s check out what they offer!


Whether you’re in the mood for a fajita, a Sofritas burrito (made from pulled tofu), or even a large order of nachos, Chiptole has got you covered. There are plenty of options to mix and match, so there’s something to satisfy all appetites.

The brand is constantly experimenting and launching new vegan options for its customers, which is a great news for us!


Whether it’s the mouth-watering falafel sandwich or other vegan subs and salads, the restaurant chain ensures that there are plenty of vegan options available for its diners. Subway continues to roll out new vegan centric menus around the world and, from the looks of it, is immensely loved!


Pizza Hut

The medley of veggies, gooey cheese and that crunchy crust—who can say no to that combination? Pizzas are amazing and everyone loves them, and when it comes to Pizza Hut, this is one pizza restaurant that definitely knows how to keep its customers happy—vegan included.

The company recently launched a 3-course vegan menu in the UK with delectable ingredients such as jackfruit, vegan cheese, mixed peppers, and other delicious veggies. Folks can also choose from corn on the cob as a side and cinnamon rolls for dessert. The restaurant offers its customers both dine-in and takeaway options.

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Burger King

What was traditionally a menu with little focus on vegan options has now had an amazing overhaul! Enter the plant-based whopper at Burger King. This fast food restaurant can now say it caters to customers of all sorts. The chain’s signature Whopper burger now has a vegan-ified option, and it’s really leaving people amazed!

Check it out:

Taco Bell

If you’re at Taco Bell, there are tons of ways to make your meal vegan. Choose from a variety of wraps, burritos, and even tostadas, that come with vegan fillings. Plus there are cinnamon twists if you’re craving a dessert.


How could we leave out Starbucks when talking about fast food restaurants? With so many food options, it’s hardly just a ‘coffee shop’ anymore. And the brand recognizes the fact—from vegan coffee to baked and pre-packaged snacks, there are a variety of options for the vegan eater.

Want to know the vegan food options that are available at Starbucks? Check out this nifty guide from PETA.


Ok we get it—IKEA isn’t a fast food restaurant, but isn’t the whole IKEA experience about the food too? We love an IKEA trip and with vegan options now available at their restaurant and bistro, it would be a shame not to mention them in this round-up.

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There are salads, vegan meatballs and other delightful options that can be enjoyed at the store or even carried home! How cool is that?

And that’s a wrap! Which fast food restaurant has the best vegan-friendly option in your opinion? Share with us in the comments below.

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