Vegan Friends, Here’s Another Reason To Plan A Trip To Ikea Soon

We don’t want to visit IKEA”, said no one ever.

Affordable furniture, great family deals, and events…. what’s not to love, right?

The brand, which is well renowned for its ready to assemble furniture, is approaching veganism slowly but cautiously. It’s the brand’s way to support sustainability and a greener planet.

Apart from the many benefits, the food at IKEA is, in general, a major crowd pleaser. And now, if you are a vegan, you have another reason to plan a trip soon.

After the successful launch of its vegan hot dog, IKEA has recently launched Vegan Oat smoothies in its in-house bistros. By drinking oats instead of dairy products, you reduce your carbon footprint – this is a message that is proudly showcased under the product description section on the website.  

The oat smoothies are available in two flavors—blackcurrant blackberry and apple pear.

The smoothies are available for a limited period, so try them before the stocks are run-out!

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