Why should I practice Meatless Mondays?

Ah, I’m so glad you asked.

I’ve grown tired of seeing Memes like this…


Monday can be awesome.

Monday should be awesome.

We’re striving to help make it just a wee-bit awesome with Meatless Mondays. How?

We’ve come up with a handful of curated and tested recipes that are mouth-watering and guilt-free! These are recipes that will help you turn Monday into a day you look forward to rather than a day you despise.

What is the benefit of eating less meat?

As the Vegan Boyfriend of millions around the world, it’s always fun having this discussion. Mainly because it gives me the opportunity to share with folks some of the realities that are often overlooked due to lobbying & corporations. Here’s a few main reasons why eating less meat is a good thing.

Do I have to go vegan immediately?


Look, I understand that there might be some initial struggles cutting out the bacon & butter. When I first got started on my journey to become vegan, I didn’t go cold turkey immediately. I was aware of the issues associated with meat consumption but also knew that by just reducing the amount I ate personally, I was able to make a positive an impact.

That’s why we start with Meatless Mondays.

It’s an easy way to reduce your meat consumption and see become more comfortable in the kitchen creating vegan recipes.

How many servings do your recipes make?

Our recipes make about 1-2 servings. I can usually eat entire serving on my own but all my friends tell me I have a bottomless pit for a stomach. I find that the majority of our recipes will keep you full from one meal to the next. If I ever need an in-between snack, I typically grab a handful of granola mix or nuts & dried berries.

Am I allowed to swap in and out ingredients that I don’t like?

Most definitely. We don’t advise that you swap out Almond Milk for Cows Milk of course as that defeats the purpose but have no issue with Almond Milk being swapped for Coconut Milk.

Will Meatless Mondays help me lose weight?

It definitely can!

If you want to lose weight, you will want to double down on our recipes that are plant-based and aren’t filled with additional carbs. Here are a few of our favorite recipes that are healthy and provide energy for your body:

The frozen vegan food section of your local grocery store is filled with food that are filled with chemicals and things that will add inches to your waist line. Some of our recipes are lean & mean while others are just plain delicious.


How much does the food included in your recipes cost?

The best part of Meatless Mondays – you will try so many different foods that you will start to uncover a few meals that are best for your body.

Some people love a great tofu scramble and others love a portobello taco – it’s all dependant on you! If you want to take your health to the next level, I also recommend checking out our Plant Based Guide For Gainz.

How can I eat less meat on a tight budget?

When you’re starting to reduce meat from your diet, you might be in for a surprise when you see that grocery bill. In many cases, it’s because you’re building up your foundation while still buying a handful of processed foods and meats. Once you remove processed foods and meat entirely, you will see your bill get back to normal. Here are a few things that I’ve found helpful:

  • Buy Frozen Veggies & Fruit That Are Out Of Season: Don’t buy fresh berries in the middle of January. It’s likely that they’ll die within a few days after purchase anyways. Instead buy frozen fruits and veggies that were picked while in season but frozen to last. These will be great in smoothies and in many of the recipes that don’t need fresh produce.
  • Organic Isn’t Always Better: Sometimes you don’t need organic. It’s a trendy word that definitely has value but it’s often thrown around to add an extra $5 to a price tag.
  • Visit Local Farmers & Markets: You might be surprised when you see how cheap a bag of potatoes are when you buy direct from a farmer instead of walking into your local grocery chain.
  • Go Shopping With A Plan: Our recipe guides and programs are filled with clear lists of items so you don’t have to get caught up buying the latest Tofu just because there’s a taste test going on. Use a shopping list to reduce the impulse shopping behavior that causes more items in your cart than needed.