Vegan Treats

No vegan kitchen is complete without these essentials. Chicken salt? Check. Eggs? Check. Cheese, yogurt, bacon? Check, check, check. Take a look at our shop and fill your vegan cravings here.

Vegan Jerky

Made from non-GMO soy beans, this jerky is dry and chewy, infused with a bourbon smoked black pepper taste.

Vegan Chicken Ramen

A six-pack of delicious chicken ramen made with organic ramen.

Vegan Chicken Salt

An essential for vegan kitchens, this vegan chicken salt can be used as an all-purpose seasoning, and contains no MSG, gluten, or soy. Great as an alternative to table salt or chicken bouillon. Gives you food a nice rotisserie chicken flavour!

Vegan Marshmallows

Best thing about these vegan marshmallows? No corn syrup, and not gluten. Non-GMO verified. Even if you’re not vegan, you’ll fall in love with these.

Vegan Mac-n-Cheese

All the delicious creamy flavour of regular mac-n-cheese, but without the dairy, lactose, casein.

Vegan Waffle Mix

Vegan and gluten-free. This mix is also super easy to prepare - all you need to do is add water!

Vegan Eggs

These ‘eggs’ are completely plant based and contain no soy or animal products. Blend them, scramble them - whatever! They’re delicious.

Vegan Parmesan

Grated parmesan! Vegans rave about how close it gets to real parmesan. Use it on pasta to make a creamy alfredo, or pair it with vegan eggs for a delicious scramble.

Hemp Bites

We all know how important hemp seeds are in a vegan kitchen, but having these bites around is a must too. Harvest hemp heart bites are made organic sweeteners and sea salt and make a perfect ‘on-the-go’ snack as they’re packed with 10g of plant-based protein.

Cookie Dough Lara Bar

Lara Bars are an amazing snack as they have just FOUR ingredients: cashews, dates, chocolate chips, and sea salt.

Vegan Bacon Bits

We’ve tested a variety of different vegan bacon products out there and found this to be the best one. They’re made from coconut chips and have added hickory and apple smoke, giving it a similar texture and flavour to real bacon. Take it from a couple dudes who loved bacon before transitioning to become vegan! Bacon without the cholesterol!

Vegan Yogurt Starter

This one’s a MUST for all those vegans who were yogurt-junkies before they made the important change in their life. This starters helps you make ‘yogurt’ by using any non-dairy milk, and is super easy to use.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

OK - you may be asking ‘how can a chocolate chip cookie be essential’? Well, because it’s a chocolate chip cookie. And it’s vegan. And it’s gluten-free, nut-free, and absolutely delicious.

Coconut Chips

You may opt to go for our organic vegan bacon above, or you may decide you want to make your vegan bacon from scratch with these toasted coconut chips. Either open is safe, and these coconut chips provide a nice tasty snack as is!

Raw Spinach Wraps

A must-have for a vegan kitchen, and the perfect healthy alternative to your mainstream bread. These wraps are raw and contain quinoa seeds. Most importantly, they’re smooth, and won’t crack during wrapping! Paleo to boot.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

When you’re able to eat a chocolate peanut butter cup that’s vegan, you just do it. No questions asked. Gluten-free, vegan, and organic.

Endangered Species Chocolate

What we love most about these bars, apart from their deliciousness and ethically-sourced cocoa, is that proceeds go towards supporting endangered animals and habitat for humanity.

Vegan Tuna

Those of you who miss tuna will have to look no further. This vegan tuna is as close as you can get. Mix it with some vegan mayo, red onions, and relish and you’ll get a delicious ‘faux-tuna’ sammy!

Vegan Beef

A vegan ground beef that’s gluten AND soy free? You betchya. Combine it with vegan eggs and brown for a delicious burger.