6 Amazing Perks Of Having a Best Friend Who Is Vegan

vegan-best-friendsIt’s Friday.

You’re out with friends at your local Mexican restaurant that calls your name after every workweek. You’re sitting there looking at the menu, that you have practically memorized already. When the waitress comes back, everyone picks their typical menu option. Katie gets fajitas and Sarah goes with a chicken nachos. When the waitress gets to Becky, you’re all completely shocked. Instead of her usual burger with extra pickles, she orders a hearty taco salad, full of vegetables and black beans.

You’re all shocked when she tells your group that she has been thinking hard about it, and has decided to make the life change to go vegan! Initially, you’re super bummed. You stereotyped vegans as people who spend all of their time at Trader Joe’s and slaving over the stove, instead of hanging out with friends.

As time goes on, you not only realize that you were completely with your about preconceived negative opinions, but you actually love nothing more than having a close friend who doesn’t eat animal products. Besides the fact that being vegan changes absolutely nothing, it has numerous perks for those around a new vegan.

1 – Most Vegans Can Cook

You never knew how well your bestie could cook. Where has she been hiding all this time? Behind the take out bags, that’s where. Vegans generally cook most of their meals, allowing them to master the craft of cooking! Dinner parties will never be the same and you’re overwhelmed with joy about that.

2 – Vegans Know Great Restaurants

Now that she’s vegan, she wants to try new restaurants that have vegan offerings. Yay for trying new places and exploring different happy hours! What’s better than trying something new?

3 – The Veganism Rubs Off On You

Her healthy habits are rubbing off on you.   Whenever you see her post a healthy, homemade meal on Instagram, you instantly toss the bag of potatoes chips for carrots and celery instead. If she can eat healthy, so can you! Right?! Talk about motivation!

4 – You Get To Eat Oreos For Days

Vegans don’t always eat vegetables 24/7. Bet you didn’t think that she would have a purse-full of Oreo’s on her at all times, did you?! Yep, that’s right – Oreo’s are 100% VEGAN!

5 – You’ll Hear Of Cool Events That Most Ignore

She starts bringing you to new events around town that you never knew existed; Vegan food truck festival, vegan cooking class, vegan themed festivals and fairs. It never ends and that’s completely okay in your book.

6 – You’ll Be Proud Of Your Friend

Your bestie stands up for what she believes in, and that inspires you! You’ve never been so proud of someone in your life for standing by their values; and it inspires you to do the same. Be the change!

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