Anything is possible, including Vegan Meatloaf

Say whaaaat?! This cannot be real.

Every time one of these innovate vegan recipes pops up on my Pinterest board, I am more than floored. Who would have ever thought that vegans would be able to eat meatloaf? While these are not your typical unhealthy meatloaf loaded in red meat and animal fat, they look and taste almost identical. If it looks like meatloaf, and it talks like meatloaf, it must be meatloaf – right?

Sine it’s getting colder out by the day, you definitely want to keep these vegan meatloaf recipes up your sleeve. For your next diner party, try one of these recipes and see if your carnivorous friends know the difference.


If you’re from the South, or are just obsessed with smoky flavors like I am, you absolutely have to try this smoky southern-style meatless meatloaf. It’s made with chickpeas, black beans, oats and 100% pure goodness.


If BBQ isn’t quite your style and you prefer a meatloaf smothered in gravy, this next recipe is for you. Filled with lentils, mushrooms, flaxseeds and walnuts, this meatloaf is bursting with protein. Paired with a vegan mushroom gravy, and you cannot go wrong.


Having a vegan potluck for the holidays? This recipe NEEDS to be on your list to make. These vegan meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potato “frosting” are making my mouth water just reading the recipe. Not only are they the cutest things I’ve ever seen, but they are handheld and easy to eat at a party setting! Made by a combination of spices, tofu, lentils and oats, these cupcakes are my new favorite meal to bring to a friend’s house!

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