12 Protein Packed Plant Based Ideas

Protein is the foundation of a healthy diet, and vegan protein is so diverse that you can have it any way you want. Whether you love tempeh, soy, beans or any other type of protein, there are plenty of delicious recipes to find.

So I made up a list of 12 protein-packed recipes that’ll blow you away whenever you’re in need of your next protein fix!

Let’s get into it:

Tempeh Reuben Club Sandwich

This recipe blows me away every time I have a chance to make it. The tempeh is perfectly seasoned, and pairing it with sauerkraut is always a win in my books. Add some vegan Russian dressing and you’ll be strategizing about how you can make this for every lunch.

Hot Eggplant and Seitan Open-Face Sandwiches

Although this one may seem fancy and difficult, it’s incredibly easy to make! The seitan and eggplant perfectly complement each other atop a crispy sourdough bread slice, and a sweet hoisin sauce tops it all off!

Chickpea and Edamame Salad

Looking for a fresh and cool way to get your protein? This salad is the way to go, with chickpeas, edamame, pepper, carrots and cranberries combined together with a light oregano-based dressing to finish it off.

Vegetarian Black Bean Soup

This recipe is both comforting and healthy at the same time! Jalapenos and onions gives it just the twist it needs, and you can add some vegan sour cream for an extra zing.

Curry Tofu Tacos

These tacos are quickly topping my favorite lunch meals – my favorite part of this is the kale slaw. Have it in a tortilla shell, or as a bowl!

Blissed Out Thai Salad

Super healthy and super tasty! The peanut dressing is the cherry on top of vermicelli noodles, marinated tempeh, and veggies!

Sun-dried Tomato, Mushroom, and Spinach Tofu Quiche

Although I’m not the biggest fan of quiche, this one has stolen my heart. The perks are all in the name, and you won’t be disappointed!

Avocado and White Bean Salad

Any salad with avocado instantly makes me happy, and this one is no different! The dressing is light with garlic and mustard to give it a sharpness that can’t be beaten.

Tofu Soba Noodles

Soba noodles are amazingly versatile and yummy, and they are a staple in my life. These tofu soba noodles in this recipe provide just the protein punch I need to end my day right!

Tofu Poke

One of the more difficult things for me to give up when I went vegan was sushi. Whether it’s maki, sashimi or poke bowls, it was kind of difficult. But I no longer have to worry, cause this tofu poke bowl is everything you need!

Romesco Soup with Smashed Chickpeas

We’re turned up the heat a bit with this dish. A little spice paired with a lot of protein – this one is a perfect soupy surprise!

Tempeh “Sloppy Joe”

Chickpeas are killer in sandwiches, and add a unique twist (and the perfect texture) to a delicious vegan sloppy joe.

Remember: Healthy eating and exercising go hand-in-hand because, when you put your body to the test, you’ve got to reward it and refuel it later. The best way to do so is with more protein-packed recipes included in our FREE guide: The Plant-Based Guide For Gainz!

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