Snacking is an Epidemic. Do It Correctly.

I have a few friends in the health field that claim that no snacking is acceptable. They claim that while you may start out with carrots and celery, that munching tendency will soon turn into Oreos and almond milk. While I’d love to take their advice, it’s not just realistic for my lifestyle (or many of yours, I’m sure).

But if you’re going to snack, you have to make sure that you’re doing it the best possible way. You don’t want to end up binge eating everything sweet and salty in your pantry. Not only is that very unhealthy, but it will also cost you at the grocery store.

First, let’s go for low-calorie snacks. No brainer. Aim for around 150-250 calories. So if you happen to overeat, it won’t kill your entire day.

Sweet tooth? Buy lots of fresh fruit! They have high water content, making your feel full, as well as high fiber.

Get creative! If you know us, you know we love Pinterest. Try experimenting and making creative healthy snacks. For example, freeze your fresh fruit that’s almost going bad into popsicles for later or whip up some healthy chocolate energy balls.

Make your snacks appealing. Who is going to reach for celery stalks that still need to be chopped, over chips that are easy and convenient? Someone very strong and motivated, that’s who. If you’re buying ingredients that need to be prepared, prepare and package them as soon as you buy them. Because who are we kidding, you probably won’t end up doing it later. Put them in little colored containers that make you want to grab the celery!

Lastly, ask yourself if you are actually hungry. Make sure you just aren’t bored (me!). If it’s time for dinner, make yourself dinner instead of reaching for a snack. If its mid-day, grab a healthy snack or drink liquids slowly to get rid of that “empty” feeling.

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