Caffeine Hater? Here Are A Few Coffee Alternatives To Stay Energized

energizedNot a coffee fan?

That’s okay… we won’t judge!

Maybe you don’t like the bitter coffee taste, or you a serious problem with caffeine. Since caffeine is defined as a drug, it can have unpleasant side effects like feeling a crash, feeling jittery, headaches, or an inability to sleep.   Or maybe you just love your pearly white teeth! Whatever your reason may be, it is possible to function without your morning brew.

How do I beat the morning yawns? While there is no magic potion to be suddenly energized in the morning, there are a few things you can try to liven up your step a bit.

Try squeezing some fresh orange juice in the AM. The fresh cut and squeezed fruit include live enzymes, which gives your body more energy. Who knew?

While this may seem impossible, I promise it helps. As soon as you get out of bed, do ten quick jumping jacks. It takes 20 seconds and really warms your body up for the day.

Not a fan of physical activity that early in the morning? Turn the shower to cold for the last couple minutes that you are bathing. If that doesn’t make you more alert, nothing will!

Just kidding… we still have a few more tips up our sleeves! Before you leave for work, take five minutes to tidy up your space. Cleaning up and organizing your life will help to de-clutter your mind and make you feel refreshed (this is my personal favorite tip).

On our way out to your car or and while you’re walking into work, make sure to walk in the direct sunlight. It alerts your body’s internal clock to wake the heck up!

If none of these work tips work for you… just fake it until you make it. Eventually you’ll start to liven up and forget how tired you are. Stand up straight, walk quickly and make sure to laugh A LOT!


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