7 Vegan Celebrities You Won’t Believe Are Vegan

If you didn’t already know, being vegan is totally in.

But seriously, the amount of people and celebrities exploring the vegan lifestyle lately is mind-blowing. There’s about 7.5 million people in the U.S who are vegetarian, and about 2.5 million people who are vegan. That’s a TON of practicing vegans when you think about it. Within those 2.5 million, you’ll never guess which celebrities are living the same way that you are.

Carrie Underwood – Has been vegan since age 13 and growing up on a farm.

Russell Brand – PETA’s 2011 sexiest vegan.

Ellen DeGeneres – Outspoken vegan who claims she did it because of her love of animals.

Usher – If Usher is vegan, than so should be the rest of the world.

Ellen Page – With her core belief of social justice, Ellen Page has been vegan long before the craze!

Bill Clinton – This was one of the most surprising vegans to me! I wonder if Hillary cooks him delicious vegan meals she found on our website?

Mike Tyson – He’s lost 100 pounds since becoming vegan in 2010.

This list doesn’t even begin to describe all of the vegan celebrities that are out there. We love to see vegans out there spreading the word about their chosen lifestyles. How do you tell others about your choice?



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