Aziz Ansari Drops Some Vegan Truth Bombs

Aziz Ansari, famed comedian and actor, dropped some vegan truth bombs which we should all appreciate. While Aziz himself is not vegan, he has brought awareness on this subject in the past, and awareness is the first step in making the right choice.

Here’s what Aziz had to say:

What happens to the male layer chicks?

They serve no purpose, right? They can’t lay eggs, they can’t be used for meat, what happens?

They just get murdered in insane ways!

They’ll throw ’em into a big chicken wood-chipper… (or) put ’em in a plastic vat and just put a lid on it and suffocate ’em to death.

And yeah, it’s a bummer, like none of us is into that, like we’d all check ‘NO’ on that box.

But the problem is, this kind of information… just hasn’t been seen in the right context to elicit the kind of mass outrage that would actually result in some changes.

– Aziz Ansari

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