2018 Vegan Food Trends

We saw many developments in the global food industry in 2017! Starbucks unveiled their first vegan breakfast item, Pizza Hut finally brought us vegan cheese and the McVegan is now offered Sweden and Finland! We put together a list of the 10 biggest vegan advancements of 2017 that you can check out here.

2018 is looking up to be the biggest year for vegan advancements! Here are some of Peta’s top predictions for this years veganfood trends:

Plant Based Poke Bowls 

These are super fun to make because you can let your creativity fly! Tofu, Tempeh, Seitan, Mushrooms, Nori, the list is endless.

Plant Butcheries


Vegan ” butchers” use plant based ingredients to create many different vegan meats  including steaks, sausages, and more!


This one is one of our favourites. Always looking for great egg replacements and Aquafaba has been doing the trick! It’s pretty easy to use, check out our method here

Nice Cream

Nice cream is pretty much a delicious, healthier version of ice-cream! Its a easy and quick way to make a frozen treat at home. Nice cream usually only requires one or two ingredients (bananas, nondairy milk) and from there you can add all the toppings your sweet tooth desires!


Check out the full article on Peta.com


Trends are great, but can you keep it going and turn it into something more meaningful? Put yourself to the test with Meatless Mornings: The 30 Day Breakfast Challenge.

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