Here’s Why Swiss Chard Is The Secret (But Powerful) Ingredient Missing From Your Vegan Diet

Everywhere we go, healthy diet trends will follow. We’re obsessed with getting healthier, and rightfully so! Ensuring your body’s health not only ensures a longer life, but a happier life. And the foundation of a healthy diet are vegetables, whether you like it or not.

What’s the current big veggie on the scene? Kale.

But I’m here to say that Kale is overrated. There, I said it.

Instead, it’s time for another leafy green to rise above the rest, and it’s name is Silverbeet.

Don’t recognize that name? What about Swiss Chard?

So what exactly is Swiss Chard?

Swiss Chard lies among similar leafy veggies like spinach and kale, but has a much more bitter taste when eaten raw. It’s also in the same family as quinoa (which I just find really cool).

It’s a common ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine to add flavour into soup and rice dishes. It goes by many names (like James Bond, but healthier) such as spinach beet, seakale beet, mangold, perpetual spinach.

Notice a trend? It’s nicknames are often references to spinach or beet, mainly because it can easily be mistaken for these other leafy veggies.

So why aren’t more people eating it?

The biggest issue here is awareness. People just don’t know about this delicious veggie!

There’s this obsession with kale, quinoa, and who can forget the avocado everything trend. But if you’re truly interested in getting super healthy, swiss chard is the way to go!

If you’re worried about biting into something kind of bitter, cooking swiss chard is an easy way to eliminate the bitterness. It also absorbs flavour well, so it makes it the perfect ingredient to add to any recipe with all the right health benefits. Seriously… Hear me out:

The Health Benefits Of Swiss Chard

It’s chock full of Vitamin A, K and C, along with tons of dietary minerals. It’s also one of the best vegetables to eat if you’re low on iron, with 22% of your daily iron per cup of swiss chard.

Swiss Chard vitamin and mineral chart

via Dr.Axe site

One cup of swiss chard is only 35 calories, even lower than kale, and can help reduce inflammation among other ailments. This article from Dr. Axe outlines every single health benefit of swiss chard if you’d like the full list.

Three Tasty Swiss Chard Recipes Worth Trying

Sauteed Swiss Chard

Dive right in with this quick and easy sauteed swiss chard recipe. A little dash of garlic and red pepper are the secret to making this simple dish extra tasty.

Swiss Chard Enchiladas With Avocado Cream

Mix your swiss chard recipe up with some avocado in this delicious enchilada recipe. Yum!

Just can’t get enough of swiss chard? Check out these amazing swiss chard recipes courtesy of Yummly, from pasta to soup to pilafs.

Wrapping Things Up

Have you been convinced?

Let me know if you’re going to make the leap to swiss chard in the comments below!


Swiss chard is packed with great vitamins and so are fruit smoothies! Download our FREE Quick and Easy Smoothie Recipes guide to keep close when you need a quick and nutritious refresher:

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