Why Cauliflower Is Going To Be The New Kale In 2018

Have you ever told someone that you are vegan, and they automatically ask you how often you eat kale?

If it hasn’t happen to you yet, the time is near. However, what these folks don’t know is that, while kale is still extremely delicious and even more nutritious (see what I did there?), kale is OUT! Yes, I said it. Kale and I have officially broken up, because I’ve been seeing different vegetables. I am happy to report that I am officially a cauliflower junkie!

This isn’t the typical cauliflower that you were forced to eat as a child.   I will never get over how bland and soggy those frozen vegetable blends were! Times have defiantly changed for cauliflower and if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, you’re about to be mind blown.

Cauliflower Superpowers

While cauliflower, or kale for that matter, won’t turn you into superman over night, cauliflower is loaded with over 80% of one’s DV of vitamin C. This vitamin is not only vital to your immune system, but also helps to keep your hair, skin and nails lavish and beautiful!

A Diamond in Digestion

While it doesn’t sound too glamorous, cauliflower is rich in dietary fiber, which helps your body easily digest the foods you eat by promoting the growth of healthy bacteria. I won’t get into all of the gory details; just know that cauliflower is helping out in more ways than you can see!

The Hangover Helper

Cauliflower is drenched in vitamin K, which helps your body respond to vigorous exercise or when recovering from an illness. Whether you had an all-nighter on the town or just ran a 5k, the essential vitamin K found in cauliflower helps your body recover.

Endless opportunities

Forget all of that science and nutrition talk, let’s talk about the endless amazing creations you can make with cauliflower. Can’t eat pizza because of your veganism? That’s okay, try cauliflower pizza with vegan cheese and veggies. Love being vegan, but desperately miss buffalo chicken? Boy, are you in luck! These cauliflower buffalo bites are to die for! Miss splurging on Chinese takeout? Splurge no more with this cauliflower orange chicken recipe.

In lack of a better word, as you can see, cauliflower is definitely the new kale.

See ya later KALE, I’m with cauliflower now.

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