Atlanta Is All Set to Rock 4th of July Celebrations With This Vegan Block Party

July 4th —the most awaited holiday in the U.S. has arrived!

We bet you’ve got great plans for the holiday and the weekend that follows. From checking out the fireworks to visiting the carnivals, picnics to family reunions – there’s always so much to see and do! 

And if you’re in Atlanta in particular, you’re in for a special treat. The city is all set to rock 4th of July celebrations with a vegan block party! 

Say what!? Yep that’s correct a VEGAN BLOCK PARTY. The block party, which is scheduled for the weekend (on July 6th), will be on from 11am-6pm at Shifting Energy Fairgrounds. 

Conceptualized by The Urban Community Revitalization Project, this is going to be the first of its kind party that Atlanta will see. The family-friendly event will feature 50+ vendors, a live DJ, yoga, and lots of fun activities for kids. 

Issa Prescott and Akumba Ashanti, the forces behind the event mentioned, “We wanted to create an opportunity for all of the vegans that felt neglected on the Fourth of July. We feel like this is a revolutionary idea.” Prescott further added, “We feel like this event is important because we saw something that wasn’t being provided to the community,” 

Way to go Atlanta! We at the Vegan Boyfriend team feel that it’s not only the food, but also education and events like this, centered around this overall growing movement, that will help propel veganism to the next level. 

What do you think about this idea? Share your thoughts with us in your comments below. 

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