14 Easy Ways To Get More Steps In Your Day

You did it.

You’ve been eating great and you think you’ve finally got this whole vegan thing down. You’ve been cooking everyday and making sure to get to Trader Joes once a week. But something’s missing. You made yourself a beautiful dinner and immediately head right to the couch to relax after a long day.

Light bulb! You’ve completely forgotten about being physically active.

I don’t blame you; it’s not easy! It starts to feel okay to skip that workout when you’ve been eating like a green machine. However, your muscles and your bones still need to be used. Ever heard the phrase, if you don’t use it, you lose it?

Now, I’m no body-builder here, but as a health professional, I can’t stress enough the importance of being physically active. This doesn’t mean go squat twice your bodyweight, people. There are easy and quick ways you can incorporate physical activity into your daily life.

Start with an achievable goal, like walking 10,000 steps per day. The “Health” app on your iPhone tracks your steps, so no need to purchase an expensive FitBit. Here are my favorite ways to get in those stubborn last thousand (or two.. or three!) steps.

Fourteen Great Ways To Get Your Steps In Throughout The Day

  1. Pace while brushing your teeth
  2. Park farther away at the store
  3. Take a few laps around the grocery store
  4. Take five minutes, twice a day, at work to take a walk
  5. Before you leave your house, take a lap
  6. Walk the mall more (don’t have to tell me twice)
  7. Make the after dinner stroll a “thing”
  8. Pace during commercials
  9. Walk around your neighborhood
  10. Avoid escalators & elevators at all costs
  11. Walk up the stairs twice before making yourself a snack
  12. March in place while scrolling Instagram
  13. Try hiking
  14. Don’t go to bed without completing your goal

Not only does being more active make your body healthier, but it’ll also make you feel better!

More walking, less complaining.

Happy stepping!

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