14 Quick & Easy High Protein Meals For Plant-Based Diets

I’m not going to lie, eating enough protein while on a vegan diet used to be a huge challenge for me. I didn’t know what to cook, what actually contained protein and what would even taste decent if I made it! But, over the years, I’ve learned how to do all of those things and make delicious high-protein meals with no issue at all.

Yet, another problem arose ‒ my schedule started getting insanely packed! Between work, school, balancing a social life, sleep and exercise I needed to find a solution fast.

So what did I do? I researched a bunch of different quick and simple high-protein meals that I could make with ease. It’s not impossible to balance a busy life with a healthy diet! – Here are some ideas you can use for yourself:

High-Protein Salad

This fresh salad is perfect for the lunchtime rush. Lentils, beans, arugula, and a light but nutty dressing make it both filling and a protein booster all in one!

Black Bean & Quinoa Balls

Both versatile and yummy, these little balls pack a protein punch. Throw them on pasta, a salad, or in this recipe with spiralized zucchini to make it a proper meal, and you’re all set.

Mongolian Seitan

Everyone knows seitan is one of the number one sources of protein when you’re vegan. So add a sweet garlic ginger soy sauce and get ready for some seriously delicious protein.

Chickpea Lentil Quinoa Spinach Stew

A mouthful in more ways than one! This dish is both comforting and healthy. Lentils, chickpeas, and quinoa make up the protein, while spinach makes it all that more delicious.

Vegan Lemon Fettuccine Alfredo

Who would’ve thought fettuccine alfredo would be full of protein? Soy cream cheese and soy milk make this dish creamy and full of protein goodness.

Kale Salad With Chickpeas and Spicy Tempeh Bits

I’m a sucker for a good kale salad, and this may top the list. Chickpeas add a little starchy texture to the leafy one, while a light dressing sends it over the top.

Vegan Tacos

Love me some tacos! Some soy chorizo and black beans make for a perfect protein filling, and if you want to make it even better add in some homemade guacamole, cause…well…guacamole.

Peanut Butter Tofu Bowl With Mashed Potatoes

Tofu + Potatoes + Peanut butter? Sign me up!

Layered Raw Taco Salad

Taco salads are a perfect on-the-go meal, both fresh and substantial at the same time making it the perfect salad for the busy vegan.

Pretzel & Cashew Crusted Tofu With Sweet Onion Chutney

This may sound like it’d take a while, but this delicious recipe can be done in under half an hour. Plus who doesn’t want to try this?

Braised Leeks & Muscovado Lentils

Perfect as a shareable plate or a personal meal, the leeks and lentils compliment each other just so to make a pleasing plate to both the eyes and mouth.

Butternut Squash Veggie Pizza

Tip: Buy a premade crust to speed everything along, but maintain the perfect topping.

Amaranth & Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

These stuffed peppers will leave you… well, stuffed! Amaranth and quinoa are filled with protein. Those mixed with the pepper gives you a variety of tasty flavors!

Sugar Snap Pea & Carrot Soba Noodles

I love soba noodles, and this recipe is no exception. Edamame and a ginger soy sauce will make this a favorite for sure!

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