13 Great Reasons Everyone Should Try Veganism Before They Die

What’s on your bucket list to try before you die?

Before I became a vegan, trying veganism was definitely top on my list.

I struggled with the decision for a few weeks before I took finally the plunge. At first, I told myself I would try it for a month. While fad diets are not the best idea, there has been a ton of research that suggests that going vegan is a great choice, not only for your physical health, but for your mental health as well.

If you’ve ever given veganism a slight thought or are looking to improve your health through a lifestyle change instead of the typical “diet of the week”, check out these awesome reasons to go vegan.


  1. There’s more and more research supporting the negative long-term effects of animal protein.
  2. It’s socially acceptable now, more than ever – the not so friendly vegan stereotype is fading and even celebrities are promoting their plant-based diets, including Miley Cyrus & Beyoncé!
  3. You don’t have to give up Oreo’s – who knew Oreo’s were vegan?!
  4. Life is better without cheese – cheese is FULL of fat, and if you don’t agree with this statement, don’t worry, there is still vegan cheese for all of you cheese-heads.
  5. It’s easier and extremely delicious – with veganism becoming increasingly popular, vegan restaurants are popping up everywhere. Say goodbye to the sad pile of vegetables!
  6. Pinterest life – the Internet is an actual goldmine for different kinds of vegan recipes. These recipes make vegan cooking easy and super fun! However, if you can’t spend an entire evening looking at recipes, beware – it becomes addicting!
  7. It cuts down on animal cruelty – whether you want to believe it or not, either way the food is coming from an animal. If you can’t picture yourself eating a pig or a cow, this is a good reason to become vegan.
  8. Being vegan becomes habitual – while it may be difficult at first, once you do it for a month, it will become a habit and you won’t even think twice about your meals.
  9. It benefits the environment – raising livestock greatly increases CO2 and other greenhouse gases. Go veg if you like to be eco-friendly!
  10. It’s money in the bank – Vegetable products and beans are MUCH less expensive than meat and dairy products. Save the environment and save some cash? Doesn’t get better than that.
  11. It’s not a fad diet – veganism has existed since ancient India and Greece. It’s not a diet that you’ll have for a month and throw away, it’s a lifestyle change.
  12. Save on supplements – Because vegans eat very healthy, you won’t need to dish out that extra cash on supplements or vitamins, you’ll be receiving all of that through your diet. However, some vegans do need vitamin B12.
  13. New friends – On meetup.com, you can now search “vegan” to find new vegan friends to try that new vegan restaurant or throw a vegan potluck.

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