7 Quick & Easy Vegan Lunch Box Ideas For Time-Starved People

Life’s busy for most of us…

And guess what happens when we get busy?

Aside from maybe overlooking appointments, letting chores pile up and missing a few crucial hours of sleep, the most common thing we forgo is proper meals.

Any guesses on the most compromised meal of the day?

It’s your lunch.

Lunch is an integral meal of the day and one that shouldn’t be compromised, but despite knowing this, there are days when we resort to packing leftovers for work, ordering take-out, or worse, eating nothing at all – c’mon haven’t we all done it at some point in time?

The most common reason for this lazy approach to eating is again, time, and a lack of new ideas. If you are out of ideas or work with a tight schedule, cooking lunch may be the last thing on your mind, but that’s where we come in.

In this post, we are sharing with you to 7 quick and easy lunch box ideas using vegan, plant-based ingredients!

Let’s get going.

Roasted Rainbow Vegetable Bowl

Roasted Rainbow Vegetable Bowl

Salad bowls for lunch? Yes, sir!

This recipe from the Minimalist Baker consists of roasted vegetables, mixed with curry powder and served with a generous drizzling of tahini and hemp seeds. The best part? The only prep that’s required is getting the vegetables ready and plopping it in the oven.

Veggie Wrap With Apples and Spicy Hummus

Veggie Wrap With Apples and Spicy Hummus

Healthy veggies, creamy broccoli slaw, crunchy apples, and hummus! Yummm.

This easy to create (and prep) recipe can be customized in a hundred different ways. Replace the hummus with an alternate spread, replace the apple with any other fruit or cucumber. The recipes works well even with store-bought wraps and hummus.

Go try!

Vegan Quiche With Wild Garlic

Vegan Quiche With Wild Garlic

Looking for a recipe that keeps you coming back for more? Spoiler alert: you might have just found one!

Made with silken tofu, wild garlic, and herbs as the main filling, this tart is different from your regular tarts because of the unique combination of ingredients and the hint of nutmeg that comes through with each bite.

Try it and let us know your verdict.

Creamy Garlic Mushroom Soup

Some weekdays can be extremely tight and, on those days, food provides the ideal comfort, doesn’t it? This creamy garlic mushroom soup recipe is for days like these.

It’s easy to prepare and requires minimum prep, something that can be made in advance and stored too! Works best with a side of a toast.

(Substitute with vegan cream)

Check out the recipe video below:

Sesame-Spiced Edamame

Have a jam-packed day with no time to spare? This simple recipe will ensure that you are still eating, and eating healthy at that!


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All you need to do is boil frozen edamame, and toss with toasted sesame oil, Shichimi Togarashi coarse salt & sesame seeds—not too hard to make and very portable!

Barbeque Tofu, Broccoli & Green Beans

Barbeque Tofu, Broccoli & Green Beans

Yet another recipe that can be cooked with ease. This one is made with broccoli, beans, and tofu and goes best with a side of steamed rice!

So there you have it— 7 delicious and effortless recipes with the goodness of plant-based ingredients. Create them, relish in them, and let us know the ones that you enjoyed the most in the comments below.

For more recipes to leave you satisfied at other key points of the day, download the free Plant-Based Guide for Gainz:

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