9 Reasons Why Vegan Girlfriends Are The Best Girlfriends

While some people may be scared out of a relationship by veganism, the truth is that vegan girls, in particular, are some of the most awesome girlfriends you will ever find. We did a recent survey on our Instagram to crowdsource reasons why you should date a Vegan Girlfriend (or anyone for that matter) and the results were both hilarious and somewhat true.

Here are nine great reasons why your girlfriend or boyfriend should be vegan…

Kind. The majority of vegan girls choose to live this way because they are aware of the cruelty that takes place when raising animals for food and other products. Vegan girlfriends are kind and compassionate, which means you won’t be fearful of introducing them to Grandma or your niece.

Smart. Vegan girls are smarter than your average girl because they recognize that their actions have an impact in the world. They understand that they can play a role in making the world a better place – and they do it!

Awesome Body. From Pamela Anderson to Olivia Wilde, there are almost too many gorgeous vegans and vegetarians to name. Eating healthy, living, whole food really does wonders for the body.

Full of Energy. Not being weighed down by dead, processed flesh and other animal products, vegan girls have more energy than others, which means you will enjoy trying to keep up with them.

She’s Adventurous. Vegan girls typically love exotic and foreign food, specifically because so much of the rest of the world is way better at the whole vegetarian, eating healthy thing. Don’t be surprised when your girlfriend wants to take you to an Ethiopian restaurant or dreams of vacationing in Bali.

Really Smart. Super brainy awesome people (like Thoreau and Gandhi and Einstein) have both practiced and advocated for vegetarianism and veganism. A girlfriend who’s following the advice of these handsome fellas should be picked up ASAP

Stocked Fridge. Because vegan girls eat healthy things, you can be sure that you will never find a sad, empty refrigerator in your girlfriend’s place.

Decisive. Vegan women know what they want, which means you won’t have to waste time at restaurants or on dates. They know their options and what they like, which will feel like heaven after dating a girl who can never make up her mind.

Cheaper Dates. Don’t waste your time on fancy steakhouses, a salad and a decent bottle of wine will keep most vegan girls super happy.

While rumors will keep some people far away from vegan girls, reality is that you’d be missing out. A vegan girlfriend is awesome (and chances are you will become more awesome, too, just by being around her!)

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