Top Vegan Fast Food Items To Grab On The Go

Fast food is forever the OG food when you’re in a pinch. Running late to work? Need to grab something to eat before yoga class? Forgot to grab groceries and you’re just exhausted? Fast food is there for you.

Thankfully, most fast food places now have some delicious (and actually pretty healthy!) vegan options to choose from. So for the next time you’re in line struggling to decide on what to order, here’s the ultimate guide for the top vegan fast food items to grab on the go.

Take a look:


The King of fast food, Mickey D’s, is not exactly world renown for vegan options. However, their fries and hash browns are certifiably vegan, and you can get meat and any dairy-based sauces removed very easily. McDonald’s also recently launched their vegan burger, which is still going through test trials in the Scandinavian area with great success, so once that goes through there’ll be one more reason to visit the icon of fast food.

Burger King:

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Burger King has been a go-to for vegetarians with their Veggie burger, but vegans have been left out in the cold! Luckily, there are still a few menu options you can resort to if you’re stuck. Their garden salad is an easy one, and we’re forever thankful their fries are vegan.

The main draw to BK for vegans are their desserts, as their French Toast sticks are deliciously vegan and their Dutch Apple Pie is reason enough to run to your nearest location tonight!


Chipotle is a God-send for vegans, as their menu outlines exactly what you can and cannot order for any dietary restriction.

So how much can you eat? Pretty much the entire menu still.

All their tortillas and shells are vegan, along with their rice and beans, plus all their salsas are vegan-friendly, allowing for an amazing vegan on-the-go meal.

And their guacamole is vegan, so nothing else really matters.

Pizza Hut:

Vegan pizza? From Pizza Hut? Sign me up!

Sadly there’s a catch… it’s only in the UK. So next time you’re travelling, give this one a shot cause it’s amazing. Catch up on the deets on this in this announcement post.

Panera Bread:

A kaleidoscope of veggies.

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Panera is also killing it with vegan options, and these are probably one of the healthier options you can grab in a rush.

Their list of strictly vegan options put other joints to shame. In addition, there are several other options that can be altered to be vegan with minimal modifications, like their Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich without feta.


Quiznos is another haven for vegetarians, but for vegans, there need to be a couple modifications. Their veggie sandwiches have vegan bread, so without cheese and a change to balsamic vinegar dressing you’ll be good to go!

This way you get an upgrade from Subway, plus some delicious guac and dressing.

Shake Shack:

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The US is slowly catching up on adding vegan items to fast food, with Shake Shack following the lead. They just released a veggie burger test in select restaurants to rave reviews. If you ever stop by, make sure to order this creation with no cheese and a gluten-free bun to make it vegan and you’re off to the races.


Not only does Starbucks have almond, soy, or coconut replacements for almost all their drinks, their food menu is surprisingly vegan-friendly.

PETA wrote an entire list of all the awesome Starbucks food you can grab with a cup of coffee before continuing on with your day. Check it out here.


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Subway has always been vegan friendly, with tons of veggie options, vegan bread, and an assortment of vegan sauces. This makes Subway probably the most vegan-friendly fast food joint around the world!

But there’s more! Subway launched a vegan steak to make your sandwiches that much better.

Taco Bell:

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Let me preface this by saying Taco Bell’s blog is gold to finding out everything about the fast food legend. And it’s here where you can find the entire list of their fairly extensive vegan option menu.

Whether you prefer tacos, burritos, or their famous crunchwraps, Taco Bell outlines how you can order all of your favorites completely vegan.

TGI Fridays:

TGI’s came forward with a rather unique approach to veganism: make it as close to the meat counterpart as possible.

Their newest Beyond Burger, is vegan with beet-juice that leaks out to replicate a beef burger. For those transitioning, this may be the burger for you.

There are several other options you can grab as well, including their angel-hair pasta and loaded nachos, with a couple modifications.


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Wendy’s has some of the more unique and veggie-focused vegan options out of all of the joints. All of their salads can be ordered without chicken and are made when you order them to avoid contamination, with dressing placed on the side. Their fries and apple slices are also vegan, if you’re looking for some nice sides.

For burgers, they have a veggie sandwich which has no meat inside or their “frywich”, which is fries in a burger. In select cities in the US, there is also a legitimate vegan burger you can order so be sure to check if your city is one of them!

And if fast food is not your thing, you can try something different and download our FREE Plant-Based Guide For Gainz, a protein-rich recipe guide packed with fine post-workout eats to keep you feeling stronger and healthier all day long.

So what do you think? Are you going to give any of these vegan fast food items a try? Tell us in the comments below!

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