Fashion With A Conscience: Five Vegan Friendly Clothing Companies Changing The Game

When you choose to live kindly by practicing veganism, it impacts many aspects of your daily life, including what you wear. And while some people might think that vegan designers and vegan clothing lines only do “hippy” fashion, these five companies are turning heads and changing minds – one outfit at a time.


Loomstate focuses on fashion staples – think shirts you will want to wear day-after-day, like classic white tanks and button-down chambrays. Not only does this company focus on being cruelty-free, they’re doing big things when it comes to sustainable clothing and taking care of the people who make them. 

Delikate Rayne

A luxury, PETA-approved vegan brand, Delikate Rayne makes beautiful vegan leather products, like noteworthy skirts and corsets. While you will pay a luxury price for these stunning clothes, you will feel confident knowing that what you wear is as vegan as you are.

Bungalow 360

In-the-know vegans love Bungalow 360 for one thing – bags and purses. Their most popular style, the hobo bag which can be worn across body or over the shoulder, comes in six different colors. 

Beyond Skin

Bright, beautiful and fun, Beyond Skin knows how to do vegan shoes right. From flats to heels, sneakers and sandals, this UK based company also makes bridal shoes and vegan shoe options for men.


Not only does Della do cruelty-free clothing, they are making waves in the fashion world by their conscious partnership with a homegrown team in Ghana. While their product line is growing, most customers return for their beautiful dresses.

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