The Beyond Burger to Debut at Canadian Grocery Stores

Barbecue season is upon us and it’s about to get a plant based makeover!

Arriving just in time for summer, Beyond Meat announced that The Beyond Burger will be available for purchase at Canadian grocers starting this month.

This should be great news for vegetarians and vegans who dread being forced to the salad bar at summer cookouts.

Soon you’ll be able to find the plant based burgers at CO-OP Food Stores, IGA, Loblaws, Fresh Street Market, Longos, Metro, Sobeys, Save on Foods, and Whole Foods Market.

In a recent article, CEO and Founder, Ethan Brown, stated: “on the heels of our successful launched with A&W that introduced Canadians to the delicious taste of The Beyond Burger, retail is the natural next step for our brand.”

For those who haven’t tried this plant based burger, The Beyond Burger is designed to look, cook, and taste like meat.

It also contains no soy, gluten or GMOs. And each Beyond Burger contains 20g of protein (mung, rice, and pea protein), with less saturated and total fat than a traditional hamburger.

The Beyond Burger will be available at those mentioned Canadian retailers and other natural food stores by the end of May, with prices ranging from $7.49 to $7.99 CAD.

Happy Grilling!

P.S. Are you excited by this news, but want some plant based protein options in the meantime? Check out our Plant Based Guide for Gainz where you can find tasty recipes that add an amazing amount of protein to your diet.

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