James Cameron Calls on New Zealand to go vegan

At the Just Transition Summit — an event held in New Zealand to discuss lowering emissions in the economy — this past week, Canadian filmmaker James Cameron voiced his concern about the state of farming, and that lowering emissions should go hand-in-hand with ditching meat and dairy.

“We see a very, very rapid change in demand toward plant-based alternatives,” Cameron said at the Summit. “The farmers are still gonna be producing; they are just gonna be producing something else,” he said at the summit.

“It’s already happening and it’s happening worldwide.”

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says that’s not something that can be implemented in the country right now.

“I’m from the Waikato I don’t know that I’d be allowed to go home if I became vegan, and I love cheese,” Ardern said.

“There will continue to be export demand for the products New Zealand’s really good at producing, and that includes dairy products.”

While any nation-wide change in terms of meat and dairy consumption won’t happen overnight, it’s encouraging to see so many celebrities raising the issue — and James Cameron’s words was a way to get the ball rolling on an important subject.

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