McDonald’s Announces A Delicious Looking New Vegan Burger

It’s official – McDonald’s has released a vegan burger called the Veggie McSpice!

This new announcement is specific to Norway as the companies has identified more vegan friendly countries becoming the norm and a need to change. McDonald’s has several other countries where veggie burgers are offered ranging from New Zealand, Hong King and Saudi Arabia but this is a great move. It’s a positive sign for the world as we are seeing more organizations and government officials recognize the shift to plant based meals.

Many Vegans throughout North America have been waiting for McDonalds to bring this type of burger to their local stores. While we’re not huge on the idea of fast food, there’s no question that America is and so is the rest of the world. Further, there’s no question that hamburgers at these fast food restaurants are one of top places where meat eaters are getting their fix. Beyond the fact that it’s a good thing for the world – It makes business sense.

Business Insider reported that McDonald’s investors were told that veggie burgers don’t sell well at McDonald’s in 2011 but this is an indication that the times are changing (and quickly). As organizations like Impossible Foods continue to shake up the industry it can be expected that more organizations will begin embracing plant based menu items. In fact, Darren Tristano of Technomic, suggested that serving plant based options at a fast food restaurant increases the odds of meat-eating customers going to an eatery, too, since groups will go where every member of their party can eat!

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