How To Celebrate Taco Tuesday The Vegan Way

Here at Vegan Boyfriend, we laugh in the face of those who think that vegans can’t enjoy the same foodie treats as non-vegans. But seriously, what are these people thinking?! The additional food options out there for vegans nowadays are mind blowing.

One of our favorite meals to throw in those vegan-can’t-eat-anything people’s faces is TACO’S! Yep, you heard it hear first. Vegans can still enjoy their typical taco Tuesdays and those cinco de mayos that tend to get out of hand.

Not only are tacos still on the menu for die-hard vegans, but they also have a ton of different options when hosting their first taco Tuesday, vegan style. After reading these vegan taco recipes, if your mouth isn’t watering and your stomach isn’t growing, you better check your pulse.

First up on your taco Tuesday menu, is with one of my all time favorite ingredients. If you’ve followed the blog I bet you know the answer already. If not, its cauliflower! Not only is cauliflower amazing when eaten as a side, but it can literally be made into anything you like (including pizza crust!). Cauliflower doesn’t fail when it comes to tacos. Full of gluten-free goodies, lentils, with a bit of spice, these tacos will thrill even your non-vegan buddies!

Click here to read the full recipe for Cauliflower rice and lentil tacos!

What’s a taco without guacamole?

Seriously, I think avocados make the world go around. That’s why my second favorite vegan taco is a guacamole filled vegetarian taco.   Smother your favorite whole-wheat wrap with spicy homemade quac, add black beans, corns and some peppers, and there you have it. Top with some cilantro and lime juice and you’re bound to keep these tacos on the menu every week.

This last vegan taco is no typical taco, which is why it is on my list of top three favorites to serve. Your unexpecting guests will have no idea what they just bit into! These tacos are made with a vegans favorite thing…. Potatoes! Because who doesn’t love carbs, on top of a carb, mixed with a ton of sautéed veggies? That in itself sounds scrumptious. Chop the potatoes up to the desired size, boil while sautéing your favorite veggies (I like garlic, peppers and onions), and you’re almost done! These tacos are complete with some added vegan refried beans, cabbage and lettuce and tomato.


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