9 Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Companies to Fill Your Makeup Bag

In a world where information is becoming easier and easier to access, it’s no wonder people are switching to cruelty-free makeup.

Videos and articles on the horrors of the cosmetics industry are forcing many companies to switch to cruelty-free products. The European Union was the first to ban the testing of animals about five years ago, and countries like Norway, India, Israel and Australia all followed closely behind. Canada is the latest country to follow suit, recently taken it upon themselves to ban animal testing as well.

With all of these changes occurring worldwide, the goal would be for it to run smoothly, but there’s been some confusion as to which companies are actually cruelty-free. That said, I took it upon myself to write a definitive list of 9 companies you can count on to fill your makeup kit with cruelty-free products…

Now a lot of cruelty-free cosmetics companies are still owned by companies that do test on animals, but I’ve made sure this list is free of all of those. I gathered the companies that are completely cruelty-free, through and through, to guarantee your makeup bag is as animal friendly as possible! Also, keep in mind all companies that sell in China are required by law to test on animals in the country, so when shopping make sure to check if they sell in China for a quick test to determine whether or not they’re truly cruelty-free.

Kat Von D

A vegan’s go-to cosmetic company, where else to start a list on cruelty-free cosmetics than with the company that popularized it to the general public! Kat Von D herself is an outspoken animal rights advocate (and a vegan herself) and her makeup is simply a reflection of her views. With amazing quality products that are also completely vegan (meaning no beeswax or carmine), you’ll be swearing by every eyeshadow, foundation, or eyeliner pen that comes your way.

Suggestion: The Tattoo Liner is sharp and dries matte for the perfect cat-eye every time!

Pur Minerals

A personal favorite of mine, Pur Minerals is the brand your skin will love you for. This company has so many something-free promises it’ll make your head spin! From cruelty-free to BPA-free to talc-free, they live up to the name pur!  Their promise is not only to give you flawless makeup, but also flawless skin with a combination of good-for-skin ingredients and the perfect correction for any skin issue.

Suggestion: 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation with Skincare Ingredients is so lightweight you won’t even feel it, and leaves perfect coverage without caking! It’s their best-seller for a reason.

Jane Iredale

A company that prides itself on all-natural ingredients, Jane Iredale provides softer makeup for an all-natural look to enhance every woman’s natural beauty! Now not all of their products are vegan, but their site makes sure to include a list of all the products that are vegan vs. those with beeswax, etc.

Suggestion: The Liquid Minerals A Foundation hydrates and evens out skin tone with a light and airy formula.

Physicians Formula

The thing that stands out about this company are the physicians behind it! They have a team of certified dermatologists, immunologists and surgeons carefully constructing the perfect products for your skin. Although they’ve never outwardly advertised their cruelty-free nature, they’re certified by PETA to be cruelty-free! All their products are also super affordable, ranging from $5-$20!

Suggestion: Their Murumuru Butter Butter Bronzer is a blessing for those who want a little more glow on a day-to-day basis. It not only applies a golden glow to the outside, but is infused with different butters to ensure a glow starting from the inside-out.

Josie Maran

The basis of this company is simple: Argan Oil. Using a holistic business model, every product is infused with the miracle oil itself, making every product a perfect match for every skin type. Amazing quality products brighten your skin no matter what you get.

Suggestion: The Argan Reserve Healthy Skin Concentrate will leave you amazed with how good your skin looks after use.

Marc Jacobs Beauty

Marc Jacobs Beauty was a surprise for me when I discovered the products they have to offer. I have a few Marc Jacobs vegan bags so I decided to give their makeup a try and was blown away. Their mascara, bronzer and foundation all felt amazing and lasted a rough day in harsh heat with almost no smudging!

Heads up: Their fragrance line is not cruelty-free (it’s owned by Coty, a company that tests in places required by law), so be sure to stray away from that.

Suggestion: The Velvet Noir Mascara is currently a favorite of mine that I use on a daily basis with no complaints! It dries quickly and leaves my lashes almost double their original length.


A Canadian favorite, Marcelle is one of the few companies recognized by the Canadian Dermatology Association for their skin-care products. This company also owns Annabelle cosmetics, which is also cruelty-free and offers up even more of an amazing skincare and makeup selection for you to spend your money on.

Suggestion: The CC Cream SPF 35 removes dark spots and gives that summer glow with so little effort you barely have to get out of bed.


Who can forget the classic! A company actively fighting animal testing, they’re responsible for almost every bubble bath I’ve ever taken! Possibly one of the most popular vegetarian and cruelty-free brands, that’s not the only reason they’re famous world-wide! Their amazing skin products speak for themselves and come in so many amazing scents you’ll never have to use the same one twice!

Suggestion: Just grab the one that speaks to you and you’ll be more than happy! Preferably, grab all of them – but that’s just a personal suggestion!

Looking for more reasons to make the transition to veganism and make more of a difference in the cruelty-free community? How about some tips and tricks to help you out along the way? We have a resource on how to make YOUR transition even easier! Check it out and order the FREE guide today: How To Successfully Transition to a Plant-Based Diet. Happy living!

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