4 Vegan Saint Paddy’s Day Drinks

March 17th is coming up and we want to celebrate in style. Go all out, while keeping it animal friendly and healthy!

Here are our favourite vegan treats that are right on theme and are sure to WOW your friends this year:


Sunrise Green Smoothie

This recipe only needs 6 ingredients! Kick Saint Paddy’s Day brunch off with a Sunrise Green Smoothie


Vegan Shamrock Shake 

A vegan version of the McDonalds Shamrock Shake. It’s pepperminty and topped with coconut whip.. what more could we ask for?!


Raw Shamrock Shake 

Keep it ULTRA healthy… and SUPER delicious!  Can’t get any easier than a smoothie with only 4 essential ingredients!


Minty AF St. Patrick’s Day Shake 

A super minty shake recipe from Peta. This one takes a bit more preparation but it’s so worth it!

In case you’re looking for some more all-season drinks to turn to, download our FREE Fast and Easy Smoothie Recipes guide to keep close when you need a quick refresher:

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