5 Vegan Snacks That Are Better Than Fried Chicken!

Ask any carnivore out there and chances are that fried chicken is their favorite snack. 

We’ve seen many-a-friends salivate at the thought of it…

The juicy, crunchy, spicy stuff makes their mouth water instantly and it’s something that they hate sharing….

They say that there’s simply no competition to fried chicken (riiiiight).

Well… we disagree. Here are 5 vegan snack recipes that we know will give fried chicken a run for its money!

Because, as we know, chicken should be here for one reason only—and that’s love…

Are you with us? Let’s get to it. 

Indian Style Batter Fried Pakoras

You know when it comes to spicy stuff, nothing comes close to Indian food. The abundance of spice is an integral part of their cuisine. And this right here is one of the most popular spicy Indian snacks —batter fried fritters, aka pakoras. 

We love this snack for its versatility and the ease with which it can be prepared. Take some chickpea flour, throw in the veggies of your choice, add some spice, and deep fry it till golden perfection. 

Mmmm what a flavor bomb! Serve it with a side of green chutney. Love love this recipe by Minimalist Baker. Go try. 

Fried Artichoke Hearts With Tartar Sauce 

Fried food that’s healthy? Is that a thing? If we have our way, we’d say yes! 

Artichokes are loaded with nutrients—they’re low in fat and rich in vitamins and minerals…..and…wait for it…a medium artichoke is just 60 calories and 4 gms of protein! 

So a deep-fried artichoke heart is healthy fried food, isn’t it? Isn’t it? 

This simple recipe uses just 4 ingredients and tastes best with a Tartar sauce. 

Kentucky Fried Cauliflower 

Have you heard of the guilt-free, cruelty-free cousin of KFC? Well…it’s still called KFC, but in this case, it’s Kentucky Fried Cauliflower! Crispy, crunchy and oh so flavorful—this recipe by Chelsey from Like A Vegan Blog, is hard to beat. It even looks like the real deal!

We’ll definitely be trying this soon. How about you? 

Crispy Coconut Tofu with Peanut Sauce

Ok, so we loved the KFC recipe on Like A Vegan Blog so much that we had to dig deep to find another gem—and boy did we find one!

This crispy coconut tofu recipe is such a winner. Made with extra firm tofu it is full of Thai flavors. How can anyone go wrong when there’s chili, coconut milk, and breadcrumbs in a recipe?

Crispy Vegan Corn Fritters 

Is that canned corn on the kitchen shelf begging for you to use it up? 😆😆😆 Well if that’s the case, then this is THE recipe for you. The recipe uses Delmonte creamed corn, but we’re sure any other brand could work fine too. The rest of the ingredients are all pantry staples—it can’t get simpler than this! 

What Are You Frying? 

There you have it—5 delectable vegan recipes that are better than fried chicken. Which recipe amongst the list excites you the most? Let us know in the comments below. 

Feeling pumped to try more vegan recipes? Check out our FREE Plant Based Guide for Gainz where you can add more creative and tasty recipe ideas to add to your diet!

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