How To Make A Festive Vegan Christmas Dinner To Impress Even The Most Skeptical Carnivore

Christmas is coming, and the highlight (other than the presents) is the dinner. That family dinner the bonding time your family has to come over, share laughter and smiles, and eat until everyone feels ill. It’s possibly the most important dinner of the year.

However, if you’re a vegan and the rest of your family eat meat exclusively, there’s bound to be some disagreements. But what if I were to tell you that you can make the best Christmas dinner with absolutely no meat, eggs, milk, or cheese?

So it’s time to convert the rest of the family to the green side, since the grass is greener (and therefore more festive) here anyway.

Let’s start with the appetizers:

This salad is not only full of festive charm and flavour, it’s chock full of antioxidants and is a fresh take on a traditional basic salad.

A platter of these vegan mushroom rolls will be needing refills throughout the rest of the evening.

A nice warm soup is the best way to get the cozy ambience Christmas brings around, and a nice cream of broccoli soup is a great starter to set the mood.

Want to make your dinner a black tie affair? A tasty fondue fountain quickly takes the party from family fun to a classy get together.

Now onto the mains:

Potatoes are a staple no matter what the meal is, and this recipe for mashed potatoes are sure to be a hit on the dinner table.

Tip: Want a healthier alternative? Try this sweet potato mash for an extra twist on a classic recipe.

Even though the turkey won’t be on the table, the stuffing can still come along. Try making these bread-free stuffing balls to appease those craving their turkey (they won’t regret it).

This roasted brussel sprout recipe is already a christmas classic, whether you’re vegan or not, so use this as the gateway your family needs to make the trip to the vegan side.

And at last, the creme de la creme. The best of the best. The star of the show. Didn’t think it was possible to make a vegan roast wellington? You thought wrong. And this one will blow everyone away at the Christmas dinner table.

What Christmas dinner is complete without dessert?:

These almond butter cookies are a must-have at any festive gathering.

Want something a little fancier? Try this coco-cream tart, topped off with berries.

Still can’t decide on a dessert? Check out this guide to vegan Christmas desserts that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Wrapping things up:

Being vegan doesn’t mean only eating raw veggies and avocados on vegan bread, it’s a delicious lifestyle that you can now share with even the most skeptical carnivore will love.

What are your thoughts on these recipes? Would you consider making any of these for a Christmas feast or any other dinner? Let me know in the comments below!


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