Oreo Launches New Vegan Carrot Cake Flavoured Cookie

It’s here—the new cookie flavor from Oreo! This time, in the much-loved flavor of carrot-cake, sandwiched together with a cream cheese frosting center.

The new cookie is available in the US at Walmart and Target, and can also be found online in the UK.

While writing about the reviews for this latest offering from Oreo, Lee Breslouer from Thrillist said:

“Those food scientists at Oreo have somehow managed to capture every single note of a carrot cake and put it inside one Oreo cookie. Each rounded marvel features two carrot cake cookies on the outside and cream cheese frosting inside. After a few bites, your brain will be confused as to why the carrot cake you’re eating is so crunchy.”

Lee Breslouer maintains a list of best Oreo cookies, so coming from him this looks like a legit review. All in all, the response to this cookie have been overwhelmingly positive. Read along all the comments in this post by JunkBanter, another snack food reviewer, and then give em’ a taste for yourself!






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