Disney’s Magic Kingdom Releases Plant-Based Guide For Its Park

Disney World has slowly been releasing more and more vegan and plant-based food options at its famous attraction parks. Today, they took their endeavours one step further, by releasing an entire guide which shows all of its vegan food spots in their Magic Kingdom park:

The pamphlet is slightly misleading, but still helpful. Once you open it, you’ll notice there are non-vegan options, and the list of plant-based foods are just a small percentage. Nevertheless, it’s a step in the right direction, and plant-based / vegan spots are clearly marked in the guide:

Here are some notes worth pointing out from the Vegan Disney World website:

  • The Lost Princess Cone has been confirmed vegan, I assume this is not listed due to possible cross contamination with dairy. The same goes for the Pineapple Dole Whip and Orange Dole Whip which you can get both on their own and not as a vanilla swirl.
  • The Vegetarian Chili at Columbia Harbor House is vegan but comes with non vegan crackers.
  • Pinocchios Village Haus has a vegan flatbread option, I don’t know why it says pita is available. (Also want to add that many of our readers recently have noted the wait time for this has been upwards of 30 minutes)
  • We have always been told that Pecos Bill’s Vegetable Bowl required a swap of the rice to be vegan as it contained dairy (in a cilantro pesto) so be sure to confirm that as well.
  • The Falls Family Falafel from Skipper Canteen to our knowledge is vegan, however, I believe the falafel may be cooked in a shared fryer, noting is not vegan on here. (we will confirm this ASAP)
  • Also just a FYI the Hot Dog at Casey’s Corner is actually a Beyond Sausage, so don’t expect a veggie dog.

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