How To Step Up Your Avocado Toast Game

Let’s face it: Avocado toast is the bomb.

Although at this point it’s become more of a joke towards millennials than a legitimately healthy meal, there is no denying the power of some bread and avocado and what it can do to your taste buds. But I’m not sure about you, but I’m at the point where my avocado toast needs an upgrade.

So I decided to head out and experiment with a bunch of avocado toast recipes to provide my meals with that extra oomph I need! Here’s what I found:

Add some extra seasoning:

Now I’m not saying some basic salt and pepper. We’re talking about upgrading, so it’s time to whip open the spice drawer. A little cayenne or hot pepper flakes add a little kick to the toast, or a pinch of oregano instantly classes it up.

Avocado toast with hot flakes

My personal favorite? Rub some garlic butter on the bread and pop it in the oven until lightly browned. It’s a guaranteed hit.

Change it up with some bruschetta:

Fuse in some Italian cooking with a little bruschetta! Some chopped cherry tomatoes, a few slivers of basil and some balsamic drizzle to top it all off is a surefire way to wow your taste buds!

Make it sweet:

Sweet and salty is likely the most popular favorite pairing, and for good reason! For your next breakfast, give a little honey to your toast. Want to up the ante? Add some sliced strawberries to your toast, and choose between balsamic vinegar or honey for two completely different culinary experiences.

Jazz things up with some nuts:

This addition is most likely the easiest and one of my favorite additions to morning rushes! Pistachios and sliced almonds add that extra crunch your avocado toast has been missing

Really interested in making the mother of all avocado toasts? Try out this amazing Lemon Pepper Artichoke and Arugula Sandwich recipe that will forever change your avocado game. 

Another quick win is this adorable little chart from Ambitious Kitchen outlining all the yummy combinations to add to your next meal!


So what do you think? What are your go-to avocado toast recipes to make the day just a little bit greener? Comment below!


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